Commercial Leasing

Whether you are a prospective tenant or a landlord, your lease agreement can be one of the most critical agreements for your business. As a tenant, it defines your right to use and enjoy your space and operate your business. As a landlord, it is your source of project revenue and plays a critical role in defining the overall value of your project. Rodrigue Law can assist in the preparation and negotiation of leases for all types of real estate, including retail, office, ground lease, build-to-suit and subleases, in addition to tenant estoppel letters, SNDA’s, work letter agreements, lease buy-outs, subleases and lease termination agreements.


Project Finance

Project financing represents one of the key elements defining the success or failure of any prospective business venture or development project. We bring many years of experience in negotiating and drafting a wide range of financing devices to fit the needs of a variety of commercial financings. Whether revolving lines of credit, A&D and construction loans, alternative security instruments or other derivative or swap features, Rodrigue Law has the expertise to assist you. For real estate secured financing, in particular, we offer the ability to prepare and/or negotiate your loan package. For lenders, we offer due diligence review of the underlying asset – including title work, surveys, Phase I, project entitlement and other aspects of the security you are looking to take an interest in.


Trust Management

The passing of a loved-one is a tragic event for any family. However, for sizeable estates, the legal and tax consequences of your actions (or inactions) can have profound and long-term economic and administrative consequences for your estate. We bring a wide range of experience in stepping in to assist with both short-term and long-term strategies for dealing with creditors, business partners, financing arrangements and beneficiaries.


Purchase & Sales

Whether you are purchasing or disposing of an asset, a properly crafted legal document (and the related transfer documents) can make the difference between being able to comfortably "walk away" from the closing without looking back vs. living with the uncertainty of potential lingering liability for years to come. At Rodrigue Law, we are here to help with everything from initial project due diligence in reviewing title restrictions, land use designations, environmental constraints and lease review to documenting and "closing the deal."


Land Use & Entitlements

Whether you are pursuing a minor use permit or seeking a zone change and major entitlement action, those land use entitlements form the initial foundation of your entire project, and set the cornerstones for its marketability and financability. Missteps in the process can cost you months to years of delay. Rodrigue Law can assist in long-term land use planning and help devise a strategy for, and secure, your necessary land use entitlements. From crafting land use applications to meeting with local planning groups and elected officials, Rodrigue Law has the expertise to meet your project needs.


Mobilehome Park Consulting

Mobilehome and Manufactured Home communities represent a unique form of housing in California which are subject to a particular set of laws and regulations. We bring with us years of experience in rental mobile home park communities and subdivided communities.